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Yashwantrao Mohite Institute of Management, Karad


The Library and Information Centre

The library, a centre of self-learning has been playing an important role in supplementing academic activities and boosting research. The library is well enriched with a collection of about 15,700 books books and 250 CDs on various subjects related to the curricula of different programmes

The library subscribes to 114 Journals, Magazines of national and international level, daily news papers, specialty dailies like Economic Times and Financial Express, Industry Publications, House Journals etc. Reprographic services are also available

The students are issued books under Home Reading Scheme, which they can keep for a week. In addition, a free access Reading Room is open for the students during office hours. A Book Bank Scheme is also run for the benefit of students belonging to the reserved & low-income category. Under this scheme, the students in group of four are issued one set of text books for the duration of a semester.

The Computer Centre

The Computer Centre The Computer Centre
The Computer Centre is a place where students can use Internet Services, Printer Services, CDs on various courses and can prepare their Seminar presentations. The Centre has multiple nodes, printers, scanners and CD writers to serve the students effectively.
The Institute has support services to ensure the physical and intellectual health of all its constituent units such as:


Institute helps the students to get a proper place to accommodate in the nearby areas surrounding the Institute.


Bharati Sahakari Bank Ltd. Malkapur, Karad

Health care

A panel of doctors appointed at institute level conducts annual free medical check ups for students or in case in any emergency.

The panel includes following members:

  • Dr. Indrajeet Mohite
  • Dr. Mrs. Savita Mohite

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and the support facilities

The college ensures optimal allocation and utilization of the available financial resources for maintenance and upkeep of different facilities by holding regular meetings of various committees constituted for this purpose.

  1. Library:
  • A provision in the budget for library maintenance is made by the institute and approved by the university. The activities like keeping library and reading room clean is done frequently by library staff.
  • The requirement and list of books is taken from the faculties and HODs are involved in the process. The finalized list of required books is duly approved and signed by the Director.
  • Every year in the beginning of session, students are registered in the library and they are given 2 library cards to access the library books.
  • They can access at least 2 books in a week and can be renewed as required.
  • Suggestion boxes are installed in the institute to take students feedback, complaints, suggestions and grievances.
  • Their continuous feedback helps a lot in introducing new ideas regarding library enrichment.
  • The proper account of visitors (students and staff) on daily basis is maintained in the register.
  • Other issues such as old titles/journals/periodicals are maintained in the form of hard bound copies.
  1. Sports:
  • Every year sports week is organized for the students. Indoor games like badminton, carom and chess while outdoor games like cricket, volley ball, tug of war, etc are organized.
  • The Sports committee gives a budget for purchasing different sports aids which is approved by the Director.
  • Students also participate in various inter-collegiate and state level competitions. The sports coordinator or any other committee member accompanies them to the competition.
  • Students have also won prizes in various sports competitions.
  1. Computers:

         The college has adequate number of computers with internet connections and the utility software                  installed in different locales like office, library, departments, class rooms, etc.

  • There are three computer labs in the institute.
  • Computer maintenance is done regularly and non-repairable systems are disposed off.
  • The central computer laboratory connected in LAN is open for the students as time permits them, the office computers which are also connected through LAN consists of the office software making work easier and systematic. Their use is restricted only to the appointed office staff.
  • The library is also provided with computer network facility for the computers and the library is automated with library software.
  • Each staff member is provided with internet facility on their individual computers. All computer maintenance is done annually by M/s Computronics, Pune. The institute’s website is maintained regularly by faculty in-charge.
  1. Classrooms:
  • The institute has a provision for maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure.
  • At the departmental level, HOD’s submit their requirements to the Director regarding classroom furniture and other requirements.
  • The institute development fund is utilized for maintenance and minor repair of furniture and other electrical equipment’s.
  • The classrooms are equipped with white board, LCD and computer with internet connection for online lectures and knowledge sharing.
  • Cleanliness in the classroom is maintained regularly which is monitored by the class coordinator and HOD’s.
Procedures and Policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities - laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

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